JD released the development report of logistics drone industry


JD released the annual report “World Logistics UAV Industry Development Annual Report (2017-2018)” focusing on the development of the UAV industry in the logistics field


The report pointed out that the current world logistics drone industry is in a rapid growth period, showing a comprehensive lead in the United States, a positive follow-up in Europe, and a shift from catching up to leading the way in China. In the next three years, it will become a key stage for the government and the industry to jointly promote the development of the logistics drone industry.

The rapid outbreak of the market has made it possible for governments to accelerate the supervision of the UAV industry. “Ensuring operational safety and encouraging industrial development” has become a consensus, and with the three-level intelligent logistics system becoming the mainstream layout direction of logistics drones. In the next three years, the industrialization of “end-level” logistics drones will accelerate, and the “spur-level” logistics drones will become the focus of global competition.


Since domestic logistics drones are still in the early stage of development, various related regulatory policies and airspace declaration policies still need to be further improved, and the UAV standard system needs to be built.


“At present, the R&D and application of global logistics drones are still in the initial stage, which requires a large amount of capital, manpower and material resources to invest. However, technology research and development and business model incubation based on actual scenarios are the only way for the entire industry to achieve leapfrogging.” Lu Man, director of the General Aviation Department of the Cadre College, said.

JD said that in terms of the construction of the aviation logistics system, the company proposed the layout of the “trunk-spur-end” three-level intelligent logistics system to meet the maximum distribution efficiency under different application scenarios.

Since 618 last year, JD has carried out the normal distribution of drones in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Hainan, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, accumulated a large amount of operational experience, and the continuous development and large-scale application of drone operation scenarios were explored. During the 618 period this year, JD “Jinghong” large-scale original cargo drones completed the final assembly line in Shaanxi, and the development of super-heavy drones was simultaneously established.


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