Kuaishou, Here is Taizan: The New App To Challenge Douyin




Taizan is a short film aggregator that shows popular Kuaishou clips



Kuaishou, the second short video service in China, is finalizing its new app called Taizan. The target is aimed at young people, preparing to compete with ByteDance’s Douyin to win more users.

Taizan, published a week ago, is a short film aggregator that shows popular Kuaishou clips recommended along with tags or “attitudes”, as the app names the feature. Users can comment on these clips or give a “like”.

More features, including uploading user-generated content and direct messaging, are likely to be added to the app later.


Kuaishou, since 2017, has introduced dozens of apps on the market at a fast pace


Kuaishou’s quest for new successes has raised its 2019 advertising revenue target by 50% to $ 2.18 billion. The company also plans to collect 300 million active daily users (DAUs) before the 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year, which will arrive in January.

Since 2017, Kuaishou has introduced dozens of apps at a fast pace, hoping to revitalize weakened user growth. These attempts include the Kuaiying video editor, the photo editing tool Yitian Camera and the Kuaishou Dianwan app. Few of these programs, in any case, have generated traffic with important numbers.


The two rival platforms are working to be more similar to each other


At the beginning of October, the Kuashou platform had an average DAU between 200 and 210 million, almost kept flat compared to the May number. His main rival, Douyin of ByteDance, however, had already requested 320 million DAUs in June.

The two rival platforms, meanwhile, are moving to be more similar to each other. Reportedly, Kuaishou, based in Beijing, is considering an initial public offering in the United States. The company is raising over $ 1 billion in a $ 25 billion valuation in a pre-IPO round, mainly from Tencent.




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