Lazada: No Counterfeit on our Platform


For some people, if the fake is close enough, they prefer buying counterfeit to the original. But this is wrong. And copyright infringement is even more serious than buying counterfeit.

Lazada, the privately owned German e-commerce company, forcefully opposes and severely punishes sellers who commit copyright infringement to protect sellers’ intellectual property and to offer a comfortable shopping experience for consumers.

What’s Considered Infringement

Three types of infringement will be considered by Lazada:

Unauthorized imitation and plagiarism – merchandise with a deceptive and confusing purpose is called counterfeit

2. Trademark infringement – registering a similar use or trademark without authorization

3. Unauthorized use of copyrighted material

Zero Tolerance Policy

Lazada claims to have no counterfeit goods on its platform, so if its discovered that sellers upload or sell counterfeit products without authorization by the intellectual property owner, lazada will define the act as a tort.

If items are suspected to be fake or counterfeit, Lazada will take punitive measures according to the actual situation.

After punishment, sellers who commit torts need to sign a statement in accordance with Lazada infringement policy. Lazada will check in several working days that the seller has removed all instances of infringement and counterfeit goods.

Infringement is not only a disrespect to other sellers’ intellectual property, but once discovered, it can seriously affect a store’s business.


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