Lego-Tencent: partnership for a safe gaming experience



Lego Cube, which will be available at the end of 2018, will be based on 3D design and construction


Lego Group, the famous toy manufacturer, has joined the Chinese giant of Tencent technology. In fact, on September 19th the two companies unveiled a sandbox game for Chinese players, the first mobile-game developed between the two parties to offer a creative and safe digital experience.

The game – titled Lego Cube, which will be available at the end of 2018 – is developed and managed by Tencent Games under the Lego Group license and features Lego bricks, minifigures and other iconic Lego properties.


An eye for safety, both for adults and children


Lego Cube offers a secure digital gaming experience and the opportunity to develop skills such as 3D design, construction and coding. Themes are certainly dear to Chinese parents, always attentive on issues and functions of education and security online.

Sean McEvoy, vice president of Lego Games, said: “Lego Cube is a platform that will allow more children and adults to interact with the Lego brand in China, allowing them to explore their imagination and creativity in a digital world.”

Paul Huang, senior vice president of the Lego Group and general manager of Lego China, said the company has always made safety its top priority, “be it for our physical products or our digital experiences”.


Children can play on a dedicated server, which will result in greater security


Lego Cube will safeguard players of all ages with protective features on product and content design, user registration, parental control and player interaction. The game will also require verification of identity and age.

In this way children can play Lego Cube on a dedicated server, with additional security measures. Lego Cube will also present an anti-addiction system to ensure a safe and healthy gaming experience.




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