LinkSure Network presents the first satellite for free WiFi



The company proposes itself as an innovative and global mobile Internet provider


LinkSure Network, a Chinese internet technology company, presented the first satellite that provides free WiFi service worldwide. The company, founded in Shanghai in 2013, offers itself as an innovative and global mobile Internet provider. His specializations are free access to the web, content and services based on the location of his site.

This innovation, according to the company, will begin in 2020, when there will be 10 satellites of this type that will orbit in space. The satellites launched by the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the province of Gansu, in the northwest of China, by 2026 should become 272.


LinkSure Network will invest 3 billion yuan in the operation


Calculating the growth capacity of the market, and calculating that at the end of 2017, according to UN figures, there were still 3.9 billion people not connected to the Internet, the earnings for the Chinese company can be very high. And that’s why Wang Jingying, CEO of LinkSure Network, said the company will invest 3 billion yuan ($ 431.4 million) in the plan.

Because of the diversity and complexity of geomorphology, some telecommunication network infrastructures cannot be installed in some places, and therefore satellite constellations could be an alternative.


The global space market will reach $ 2.7 trillion by 2045


However, the Chinese company also has many competitors. At the moment, in fact, many foreign technology companies, including Google, SpaceX, OneWeb and Telesat, have already started plans to use satellites to provide free access to the Internet.

A previous report by Goldman Sachs estimates that long-term and high-profit opportunities will appear in the commercial space market. Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts that by 2045 the global space industry will reach $ 2.7 trillion in value.



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