Localization of Marc O’Polo in China 300 stores in 5 years


Since opening the first flagship store in China in Shanghai Global Port in 2014, Marc O’Polo has deployed 52 stores in the Chinese market. It is expected to increase to 56 at the end of this month and reach around 80 stores by the end of the year


At the same time as the rapid expansion of the store, the brand also achieved good performance. It is reported that Marc O’Polo China’s annual sales growth rate remains above 90%, ranking first in the brand’s overseas market.


Marc O’Polo maintains a strong momentum of development, and it is indispensable for its distributor in China, Semir. Recently, Jin Kejun, CEO of Semir International Business Department said that in 2018, Marc O’Polo will focus on building brand power and brand basis.


In addition to operating in the Chinese market, Marc O’Polo is also trying to rejuvenate. The youthfulness here is not only to cater to the young people’s market, but also to the product structure is younger and more fashionable.

To this end, Marc O’Polo is actively recruiting well-known young designers to join the team and conducts cross-border cooperation with well-known artists and famous artists to capture the trend culture and make consumers look younger.


According to its plan, Marc O’Polo will develop at a rate of 40-50 stores per year, and it is expected to reach 300 stores in the next 5 years.


At present, Marc O’Polo has completed the layout of most of China’s provincial capital cities and core business districts, and is gradually developing into second-tier cities and even sinking into economically active third-tier cities.

In addition to the offline expansion, Marc O’Polo is actively deploying online channels. It is reported that Marc O’Polo has set up two online E-commerce platforms in Tmall and JD to set up online flagship stores. Currently, Marc O’Polo’s sales in China are around 200 million RMB, and E-commerce contributes nearly 10%.


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