“Made in China” chips drive the growth of industries



To reveal the importance of the chips is the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information


China is experiencing an exponential growth of some of its national industries even at the global level. A key role, according to an official of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information, is that of the microchips made in China.

The production volume of the Chinese integrated circuit (IC) industry was about 156.5 billion yuan in 2017, with a market value of 541.1 billion Yuan for the sector; to declare it, an authoritative source like Diao Shijing, head of the electronic information division of the Ministry. Ultimately, therefore, Chinese manufacturing chips represent more than a fifth of the global market.


Over the years, China has developed a large production capacity in the sector


Specifically, it can be seen that China has developed a large chip production capacity. At the same time, the country’s high-end planning capacity has also improved. In fact, the market scale for the national design industry rose from 104.7 billion yuan in 2014 to 198 billion yuan in 2017. This represents the second largest value in the world.

China, according to Zhu Ninghua (Deputy Head of the Institute of Semiconductors under the Chinese Academy of Sciences), has achieved profitable innovative results in the research and development of photoelectric devices. The latter, specifically, were made in a high-end market.


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