Meitu, new charges for improper collection of data



The China Consumer Association accuses Meitu of collecting biographical data and financial information


Meitu, a Chinese app specializing in selfies, is accused of alleged data privacy violations. The consumer guarantor, in fact, has launched a strong invective against society. The China Consumer Association (CCA) said that Meitu, listed in Hong Kong, violated the privacy of users “by overly collecting recognizable biographical data” and “financial information”.

CCA also accuses Meitu for not having clarified how its third-party partners would have processed the data acquired.


Already in 2017 Meitu had ended up in the eye of the storm due to excessive data collection


Meitu, for its part, has made it known that the company has launched an internal investigation into the matter. In the meantime, the company promises to improve the transparency of data collection and clarify responsibilities in the field of privacy.

This is not the first in which Meitu is attacked for breach of privacy. In fact, in 2017, information security researchers accused the company of gathering information, including the user’s location and details of the carrier.

Certainly, important charges for a company that, at the end of the second quarter of 2018, had 242.6 million active users in China and 107.2 million users abroad.


Meitu suffered a backlash from the prosecution, losing 16% on the Hong Kong price list


Meitu’s data collection activities are considered as a feed to the development of facial recognition technology.

A well-developed field, given that MTlab – Meitu’s R & D subsidiary for in-depth learning, computer vision and computer graphics – won the first prize in the International Skin Imaging Collaboration Challenge in August, an AI-based dermatological competition.



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