Mobile Payment: WeChat has entered into an agreement with the Japanese giant Line



Tencent’s move aims to improve the tourist experience in Japan for the many Chinese traveling


Tencent, the undisputed leader of the Chinese app world, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Line, a Japanese chat app for mobile payment. The new collaboration is seen by insiders as a move to improve the tourist experience in Japan.

Before the agreement, Line Pay was already available in about 1 million locations. From mid-December, the Japanese company will rent Tencent-compatible WeChat Pay terminals for restaurants and shops, which will adopt the Line Pay offer. The service with Tencent, as specified in the agreement, will start in 2019.


The Tencent-Line collaboration is a response to the Yahoo and SoftBank alliance with Alibaba


The Chinese goal of exporting its payment methods abroad is getting more successes. Driven by factors such as tourism, the capital of Chinese citizens and high technology, more and more foreign companies accept Chinese payments. All this sees the Chinese technology giants collaborate with local leaders of the foreign market.

In this sense, the Tencent-Line collaboration is seen as a response to the alliance of Yahoo and SoftBank with Alibaba. The Chinese competitors, in both alliances, each boast between 700 and 800 million users, a dimension that is certainly significant for any tourist market abroad.



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