Mobile payments, 583 million users in China in 2018


The figure shows an increase of 10.7% compared to the numbers processed in 2017


Mobile payments in China have increased a lot in 2018. This is confirmed by the new statistical report by the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC).

Last year, it says, about 583 million people used mobile payment in the country, an increase of 10.7% compared to 2017, and almost 68% of Chinese Internet users used a mobile wallet for their payments offline.


Great success even for me online food, with payment on the web


In addition, around 600 million people used online payment in 2018, an increase of 13% compared to 2017.

The report also shows that around 406 million people have ordered food online in 2018, with an increase of over 18% since 2017, and about 397 million people have placed their order online via a mobile device.


Given the national success, Alibaba and Tencent aim to expand their domain elsewhere


All of this confirms China at the head of the curve compared to the rest of the world with regard to the adoption of mobile payments. Practical use of smartphones and the lack of alternative payment methods, such as credit cards, have provided fertile ground for the payments revolution in China.

Suffice it to say that out of ten mobile payment users all over the world, you are living in China! A figure confirmed by recent estimates of the market research firm eMarketer.

Also thanks to these numbers, the Chinese duopoly of payments – Alibaba and Tencent – has set its sights on foreign markets, with particular attention to the south east-east, Europe and North America.




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