Mobile payments, Alipay grows in Europe



The biggest success for Alipay was recorded during the Golden Week in China


Mobile payment services leave the borders of China to play a leading role in Europe. Many countries of the old continent, in fact, have seen a rapid growth in the use of Alipay, especially during the national festival of the Golden Week in China this year.

The EMEA office in London, managed by the Chinese technology giant Ant Financial, has published the updated Alipay statistics during the week in question, which runs from 1 to 7 October.

Data have shown that, although European cities are relatively the least visited for Chinese tourists, overseas spending through Alipay in this region has continued to increase. The reason is to be found in the mass diffusion of Alipay among European merchants in the last 12 months.


Spain, Russia and Norway have seen an increase of over 10 times higher than the previous year


In the first place in terms of volume of transactions, among the 19 European countries that can use the service Alipay, there is the Great Britain, which has started offering the service since 2016. Another country that has achieved a record is Switzerland, which recorded the fastest growth in 2018, equal to 27 times the volume of transactions in 2017.

Spain, Russia and Norway have all recorded huge increases year on year, with the volume of Alipay transactions increasing by more than 10 times.

Calculating the single average spend for each user, in Europe this one increased to 1,979 yuan, compared to 1,534 yuan last year. To record, in this sense, the greatest growth, was Denmark: 8,764 yuan, followed by France and Italy.


“We have a long waiting list of High Street brands and restaurant chains who want to use Alipay” said Roland Palmer


Alipay’s European boss Roland Palmer told the Evening Standard the strategies of Alibaba and that London was the focus of Alipay’s international expansion.

“We’ve signed up thousands of merchants in the last six months; we’ve seen a 60-percent growth in the UK, activating most of Chinatown’s stores, supermarkets and restaurants, plus the London Eye, Sealife and other Merlin Entertainment venues,” he said.



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