Moon, the Chinese rover has traveled 190 meters on the far side



The Chinese probe Chang’e-4 was launched on a mission last December 8th


Even if 190 meters can seem few, there are cases where they are a great result. As in the case of the Chinese lunar rover Yutu-2, which has traveled 190.66 meters on the farthest side of the Moon to conduct scientific explorations on virgin territory.

According to a report by the Chinese National Space Administration’s Lunar Space and Exploration Center, which is monitoring the expedition, both the lander and the Chang’e-4 probe rover have switched to sleep mode for Saturday’s lunar night.


A total of 6.6 GB of scientific survey data was sent to the research team


The mission of the Chinese probe Chang’e-4 began when on 8 December 2018 it was launched and then made the first soft landing on the Von Karman crater in the South Pole-Aitken basin, on the far side of the Moon, on 3 January. Remember that a lunar day is equivalent to 14 days on Earth, a lunar night of the same length. Thus, the Chang’e-4 probe switched to sleep mode during the lunar night due to lack of solar energy.

On the fifth lunar day of the Moon probe, the scientific instruments on the lander and rover worked well. A total of 6.6 GB of scientific survey data was indeed sent to the main research team for analysis.


The scientific tasks of the Chang’e-4 mission include different research areas


The far side of the Moon has unique characteristics and scientists expect Chang’e-4 to bring revolutionary results.

The scientific tasks of the Chang’e-4 mission include low-frequency radio-astronomical observation, surveying of soil and soil forms, detecting the mineral composition and surface structure of the lunar surface and measuring neutron radiation and of neutral atoms.



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