Most Downloaded Social Media APPs in India are Chinese


During Covid-19 forced lockdown, Chinese social media apps reported a terrific growth in downloads.  China is conquering Indian netizens by mobile phones


After being an exclusive service of the middle class, now the internet opens the doors of the market even in the most remote towns. But today in India, the online retail sector represents such new opportunities  of business. Actually 40% of the Indian population is digitized and in just a few years has become the second digital market in the world, second only to China. India, as many other countries around the globe, is currently under lockdown, fighting against novel coronavirus outbreak.

As well as in China, Italy or other countries, People in India are trying all sorts of social media apps to kill time while being unable to leave their homes. Surprisingly, Chinese social media apps have emerged as the most downloaded social media apps in India.


1. TikTok once again, is the Most downloaded social media app

TikTok is now an international phenomenon. Launched in 2017 by ByteDance, the company is now the world’s most valuable startup, and with more than 110 million active users is the top downloaded app in the social media category during India’s enforced lockdown, experts said. According to data, TikTok’s downloads have soared by 20% in the first week of Indian lockdown since March 22 compared to the begging of the year. TikTok reached a total of 49 million downloads on both iOS and Google Play, while TikTok’s average session time rose from 39.5 minutes to 56.9 minutes.

2. Helo: The app catering to Indian users

Helo App Par Followers Kaise Badhaye | Latest Trick » Cat 4 You

Helo, another short video app in ByteDance portfolio, is also one the most downloaded. ByteDance main purpose was challenging Sharechat, a local Indian short video app, specially targeting Indian young users. The Helo app is now among the most popular Indian social platforms With more than 40 million users, the success of Helo is attributable to its support to Indian main 15 local dialects, which allows users all over the country to connect with friends and family in their native language with great ease.

3. VMate: Alibaba gained 3rd place

VMate Apk – Download V Mate app for Android Mobiles Free (Latest)

Developed in 2017 VMate by UCWeb (Acquired by Alibaba in 2014) the app raised over $100 million from Alibaba in May 2019 to compete with ByteDance in the Indian video sharing market. Some describe VMate as “Rural TikTok” , but its content comes mainly from rural areas it means from Indian lower tier cities, such vibrant and upcoming market. Now VMate is one of the leading short video platforms in India with a total of 50 million active users.



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