Nestlé, ALDI and other International Brands join the Cainiao global supply chain


Today, Cainiao announced strategic cooperation agreement with international big names such as Nestle, ALDI Ordzi, Metro, Chemist Warehouse, Shiseido, Aeon, Mistine, and German SOS


Cainiao will provide global supply chain services during the Double 11 period. Imported goods will be received from the warehouse, and the goods will be delivered directly to the overseas source. The whole process will reduce the cost of the supply chain and improve logistics efficiency and consumer experience.


After the service upgrade, the production or storage base of each business will become the starting point of Cainiao global supply chain. Cainiao will pick up the goods directly from the origin of the business, then transport it to the port, the airport, and complete the export clearance.


During the Double 11 period, nearly 50 overseas warehouses in 30 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States will all participate in overseas service, covering the most concentrated origin of imported commodities.

In China, Cainiao has a network of bonded warehouses of more than one million square meters in 15 bonded areas across the country, ranking first in the industry. After the goods arrive in China, with the help of data analysis, goods can accurately enter the warehouse in more than ten bonded areas across the country to avoid the chaos that may occur.

In addition, Cainiao will also provide a “one-stop window” for cross-border customs services and customer service. Businesses can hand over a lot of communication links to Cainiao. During the double 11 period, logistics can also be fully given to Cainiao, so that businesses can focus on marketing and sales.


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