NetEase Kaola signed a contract with Laox


Founded in early 2015, NetEase Kaola has quickly become the leader in cross-border import retail e-commerce in China with its competitive prices and service experience


With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in China, most Chinese consumers prefer to buy global products in China. On Sep. 10, 2018, witnessed by the Consul General of the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai, かたやま かずゆき, and 小栗道明, the Director of the The Japan External Trade Organization Shanghai, the cross-border e-commerce leader of China, NetEase Kaola and Laox, one of the largest duty-free shop groups in Japan, announced that it has reached strategic cooperation. In addition to opening the Laox overseas flagship store on the NetEase kaola platform, the two parties will explore possibilities in various fields such as market and brand marketing.


Founded in 1930, Laox is one of the largest integrated tax-free companies in Japan. It offers a wide range of Japanese goods and friendly international services


90% of its consumers are foreign tourists from all over the world.

As the industry leader in their respective fields, both sides express their optimism and expectations for the future cooperation. Ono one hand, the cooperation with Laox will expand and deepen the leading position of NetEase Kaola in Japanese products, and provide Chinese customers with higher quality Japanese goods and services; on the other hand, the cooperation with NetEase Kaola platform will further enhance Laox’s performance and influence in China and promote economic and cultural exchanges between the Chinese and the Japanese.


The fast-growing economic and trade relationship between China and Japan will help the relationship of Chinese and Japanese and improve the quality of life of Chinese consumers at the same time


In 2017, the total number of Chinese visitors to Japan was about 7.36 million. In the previous survey, 68% of Chinese cross-border e-commerce users purchased Japanese-made goods. Under the trend of “No-Border” consumption, the prospects for cooperation between Chinese and Japanese cross-border e-commerce in the future are very broad.

NetEase Kaola said that due to the cultural similarity and Japan’s unique advantages in technology, Japanese products have been deeply loved by Chinese consumers. Via the cross-border e-commerce model, NetEase kaola is helping Chinese consumers to purchase imported goods more easily while promoting the “consumption upgrade” in the Chinese consumer market.


According to Jun Zhang, head of e-commerce at Laox China, said that Laox overseas flagship store has been launched on NetEase Kaola before the signing ceremony


In less than a month, Laox has achieved satisfactory sales results, including beauty products, nutraceuticals, maternal and child products and home appliances, which are very popular among Kaola users. I believe that the cooperation between the two parties will help Laox, which re-entered China’s e-commerce market in 2017, and achieved greater success in China.

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