NetEase partnership with Marvel on mobile games


In the future, the partnership will grow further, including the sectors of comics and cinema


Comic book lovers, superheroes and exceptional stories can be exalted because in the future there will be big news. NetEase, a Beijing-based internet company, has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned Marvel Comics. Jay Ong, executive vice president of Marvel, said that there has already been a collaboration between the New York-based production company and NetEase Games for several months. A collaboration that led to their first shared product, namely Marvel: Contest of Champions.
In particular, in the projects of Marvel, there is a long-term, exclusive partnership with NetEase, in order to work on the titles of the games concerning and having as protagonists the superheroes. The partnership will grow further, including the sectors of comics and cinema.

NetEase decides to challenge Tencent. Marvel partnership is the last attempt to grow up its business


Furthermore, in January, NetEase announced a new strategic partnership with CUBE Entertainment, one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea. The deal grants NetEase Cloud Music access to CUBE’s entire music catalog, but still faces an uphill battle against the market leader.

NetEase faces a lot of pressure to expand its ecosystem to stay relevant. NetEase generates most of its revenue from online games and e-commerce sector with its Kaola and Yanxuan platforms. The problem is that both of those businesses are overshadowed by larger rivals. Tencent is the biggest online game maker in China, and Alibaba is the leader in the highly competitive e-commerce market.



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