New Retail: JD Launches SEVEN FUN Experiential Store


Even in e-commerce era, retailers are opening brick-and-mortar spaces around experiences to attract and keep customers


Grocery retail innovators are designing their stores around experiences to make them destinations for shoppers. PRC based e-commerce giant JD  has just rolled out its inaugural SEVEN FUN lifestyle space in Galaxy SOHO in Beijing. According to media, It is described as “one of a kind in China” and “pioneers a unique combination of dining + drinking + social,” along with daily groceries, according to a post from the company.

As stated by Beijing based e-tailer, the first SEVEN FUN provides consumers with a choice of over 3,500 different items, including baked goods, fresh food, groceries and fresh flowers. It also offers diners 12 eateries that serve international delicacies along with three bars that provide Japanese sake, craft beer and wine. The store also functions as a place for gatherings, and it can be rented as a networking or socializing space.


SEVEN FUN is a brand under JD’s 7FRESH, which has been described in the past by JD itself as its premium offline stores focused on fresh food.


Jonathan Wang, head of 7FRESH, said that “as a lifestyle retailer, SEVEN FUN is innovating the retail landscape in China. According to experts through this concept, JD provides an unprecedented offline experience that serves as a pioneering model for future brick-and-mortar stores.

The new concept-store was created to meet the preferences of working professionals between the ages of 26 and 45 in first-tier cities and provide “not just a space but a lifestyle,” the company stated. Moreover, as global consumers are shifting from going to the store to buy products to going to the store to experience products and buy services, delivering experiences has been essential for retailers to attract and retain consumers.



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