New trend: Imported spring water in the Chinese market


With the background of growing demand for consumption upgrades, high-quality imported goods are being loved by many Chinese consumers


At the 2018 China’s fast-moving consumer goods industry annual summit held on September 5, announced the brands that has sales of RMB 100 million and sales exceeded RMB 1 billion from August 2017 to July 2018. Among them, in the import category, Evian have been listed for the first time, while Ferrero Roch and Perrier have been on the list for 2 years already.

Kaisi Li, general manager of the Commodities Department of’s   Consumer Products Department, said, “In 2017, our users grew by 200%, and most of them are members of high consumption. Among them, female users accounted for 63% becoming our main consumers. has become the largest online retailer of imported spring water, chocolate and snacks.”

Imported spring water sales achieved 75% increase on


As “quality consumption” gradually becomes the mainstream, Chinese consumers pay more attention to the overall improvement of the quality of life, and has also become a channel for international brands to get deeper in the Chinese market. According to the report “New Trends in Quality Life” released by Nielsen Company, the sales of imported spring water on JD platform in the first half of 2018 achieved a 75% increase, and spring water has become a new trend in quality consumption.

On Feb. 27, 2018, announced that it has reached an in-depth cooperation with Danone’s Evian. The two sides will carry out deeper cooperation around data opening and sharing, brand marketing and smart retail. and Evian reached in-depth cooperation and explores new cooperation


The signing of this in-depth cooperation agreement has achieved a breakthrough in brand marketing. and Evian will further understand the user’s purchase demand via technologies such as big data research. By analyzing the consumption data in different decision stages and different scenarios, the marketing content is more in line with the consumer’s consumer psychological expectations.

This not only provides a personalized consumer experience, but also significantly increases sales conversion rates. This is not the first cooperation between Evian and As a well-known spring water brand, Evian has maintained a high-speed growth trend since its cooperation with


It is precisely because of the solid foundation of cooperation that Evian chose to further the cooperation with


Perrier has entered the Chinese market as early as 2012. However, due to the restrictions of the offline channels, the targeted consumers are very limited. Until the cooperation with at the end of 2016, Perrier has taken advantage of JD’s online channel to get in touch with more consumers. For example, in’s 2018 618 promotion, Perrier sold 2,500 bottles in one minute. not only allows Chinese consumers to buy more flavors of Paris water at a cheaper price and faster speed, but allows Chinese consumers to buy global products in China. Helping Perrier to better develop its business in China.


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