News Flash: Hong Kong rolls out new regulations for cross-border logistics


Some countries and regions that utilize Hong Kong logistics channels will have to follow new requirements concerning the flow of goods, Cifnews recently learned from 4PX Express, a professional logistics solution provider.



Due to the mandatory inspection of imported goods passing through the Santa Cruz Port (SRZ) by Bolivian customs authorities, DHL non-document shipments will be subject to customs clearance delays.

Half of all incoming goods will be subject to physical inspection. Due to the increase in the number of goods and the lack of customs officers, it is expected that the SRZ GTW orders will experience delays of more than 30 days. There are over 700 non-document goods in the backlog order of SRZ GTW.



If the magnetic field strength exceeds 0.159 A/m. (0.002 gausses), it cannot be shipped.



DHL is currently transferring informal non-document shipments to LPB GTW to avoid further exacerbation of the SRZ backlog. Delivery by LPB will be +1 day delivery time in SRZ.

In order to avoid delays in Bolivia’s customs clearance, here are tips and guidelines:

  1. Only accept original commercial invoices.
  2. Pro forma invoices are prohibited. Invoices require detailed descriptions on a case-by-case basis, including the brand and type of the goods, and whether or not the goods are new or used.
  3. Goods with multiple items require packing lists from the country of origin.

Pro tip: All magnetic cargo shipped via FedEx HK shall be marked on the invoice with the magnetic field strength. If the magnetic field strength exceeds 0.159 A/m. (0.002 gausses), it cannot be shipped.

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