O2 tests Huawei equipment for the 5G in London



O2 is pursuing agreements with various suppliers to strengthen its network


The mobile operator O2 will continue its version of 5G technology, implementing Huawei equipment at 200 sites across London. An O2 spokesperson said the company is doing similar things with all the suppliers to optimize their network.

The competitors of O2, EE and Vodafone, have instead launched 5G trails, with the aim of marketing it by 2019. The British telecommunications provider Three UK has instead signed an agreement with Huawei for the 2 billion euro 5G network (about $ 2.3 billion). However, EE, supported by the BT mobile operator, tried to remove Huawei from its main networks.


The authorities around the world are worried about the alleged ties of the company with Beijing


Huawei has faced increasing geopolitical pressures following the arrest of its CFO and has hurried to block its equipment on international markets. Roadblocks have spread to various US allies, including Australia and New Zealand, who have tried to limit the use of Huawei equipment within their 5G networks.

The authorities around the world, in fact, are worried about the alleged ties between the company and Beijing. However, India, which initially excluded Huawei from 5G testing in the country, subsequently granted the telecommunications giant the necessary approval to begin deployment.



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