OnePlus aims to be a premium mobile phone in the US



Through the US T-Mobile, OnePlus wants to compete directly with Apple and Samsung in the premium smartphone segment


OnePlus is a Shenzhen-based Chinese smartphone manufacturer which officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world as of July 2018. Among these regions, the United States, which is the world’s leading economic power.

However, in recent years in the United States, OnePlus has had to face the hostility of American buyers and the belief, on the part of American buyers, that Chinese products are not of high quality. To overcome this obstacle, OnePlus has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the US company T-Mobile, thanks to which it will be able to compete directly with Apple and Samsung in the premium smartphone segment.


OnePlus hopes to finally smash people’s general perception that China’s domestic brands are only good for inexpensive, low-quality handsets


Pete Lau, the founder and chief executive of OnePlus, said at a company event in Shenzhen on Monday, that: “Selling the OnePlus 6T through a US carrier is of great significance because it will help build confidence in Chinese brands, which is something that we should feel proud of”.

Thanks to the agreement, OnePlus and T-Mobile have made an exclusive deal that has made available the Chinese company’s OnePlus 6T flagship model in over 5,600 stores of the third mobile network operator in the United States.


It’s the first time that a Chinese smartphone company has entered the US market’s premium segment for devices


Pete Lau said: “Some Chinese brands are already selling through US carriers, but those consumers (who buy from the US operators) only want to purchase a US$100 product, rather than look for a specific brand”.

Bryan Ma, vice-president of client devices research at IDC, said: “OnePlus has traditionally targeted a niche segment of enthusiasts, and T-Mobile is still overshadowed by giants like AT&T and Verizon in the US, so this move [in America] won’t pull masses of Apple and Samsung loyalists [to switch]”



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