OnePlus partners with luxury carmaker McLaren for a luxury smartphone



An exclusive partnership between OnePlus and luxury carmaker McLaren for the McLaren OnePlus 6T


New agreement and new partnership for OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. The manufacturer, in fact, has signed an agreement with the luxury carmaker McLaren to take advantage of the premium mobile phone market. The goal of this partnership is to produce the McLaren OnePlus 6T luxury smastphone, with a sales price of US $ 668.

OnePlus expects to increase brand awareness and generate more profits from large consumers. Furthermore, the agreement with the British manufacturer of luxury sports cars arrives on the fifth anniversary of the Chinese company.


The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition comes with the signature McLaren Papaya Orange colour


OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau, during the product launch in Shenzhen on Friday, said: “We have been doing a pretty good job as we have been growing continuously over the past few years, which counters the overall declining trend of the entire industry. About 50 per cent of smartphone brands have disappeared each year over the past five years. It is an exciting industry.”

The agreement also stems from the new OnePlus strategy, which seeks to identify new strategies to increase the brand image and stimulate sales, as innovative designs. However, OnePlus is not the first to exploit the notoriety of the luxury of other companies, the limited edition Porsche Design phones of Huawei Technologies, for example, are priced at more than 10,000 yuan.


OnePlus and T-Mobile jointly announced an exclusive deal to offer the flagship OnePlus 6T model across more than 5,600 stores


OnePlus, which recently announced plans to launch the first 5G phone in Europe next year, is also the first Chinese smartphone brand to sell a premium model through a major US telecommunications carrier.

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition comes with the signature McLaren Papaya Orange colour wrapping around the bottom edge of the device, an even faster-charging unit and 10G of RAM, pushing the retail price of the limited offering to 4,599 yuan (US$668) compared with a starting price of 3,599 yuan for the OnePlus 6T models launched last month.



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