Paid Wi-Fi: a trend on Chinese aircraft




This is confirmed by a research carried out by the Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation (CAPSE)


Wi-Fi is an increasingly necessary service on airplanes. According to some statistics released by the Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation (CAPSE), 92% of passengers believe that Wi-Fi is necessary on airplanes.

Still according to statistics, however, 38% of them say they do not want to pay for the service. In addition, about 33% of respondents believe that the cost of Wi-Fi should be included in the ticket price, while 8% say they want to purchase in-flight Internet services.


Boom of Wi-Fi line in China especially during the last Spring Festival


The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration reported that 300 airliners in China have implemented Wi-Fi in-flight network services, accounting for about 8.5% of the country’s total number of 3,638 aircraft.

During the last Spring Festival party, China Eastern Airlines started providing Wi-Fi services on 7,772 segments. Approximately 1.65 million people have used the service to attend the Spring Festival Gala, participate in the digital red envelope competition on WeChat and send happy new year wishes to their friends and their families.

As announced by the advertisement, passengers will be entitled to a free Wi-Fi experience worth 258 yuan. The price is based on similar services provided by foreign airliners, as confirmed by Zhang Chi with China Eastern Airlines.


China wants to align itself with the US, where 80% of flights offer Wi-Fi services


But China is not the only one to provide such massive services. In the United States, for example, 80% of flights offer Wi-Fi services. Therefore, in the next five years, Wi-Fi coverage on the Chinese air carrier should reach that of the United States.

Meanwhile, all Chinese airliners provide free Wi-Fi for passengers, as industry authorities still have to approve the paid service. However, based on international experience, the loaded Wi-Fi service will soon become a trend.



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