Pinduoduo Unveiled its Short-Video Platform with Product Searches


Duoduo Video is online. During the Chinese New Year holiday, Shanghai-based e-commerce platform quietly launched its short video 


According to reports, short video penetration exceeded 70% in Q3 2019 with 810 million active users. Finally, Pinduoduo has joined the race to launch short-video making apps with unveiling Duoduo video which is focused on creativity and, of course, e-commerce. Pinduoduo has attracted many top online influencers to join the Duoduo Video platform; yet, it’s still in an early stage of development.

In the video interface, users can like, share, and follow video bloggers of Pinduoduo. In the upper right corner, plus the app provides an incentive scheme for users to watch short videos. What is interesting is how users can withdraw cash by watching Duoduo videos for virtual coins.

As reported by media, watching short videos can get hundreds of virtual gold coins, and 10,000 gold coins can be converted into one yuan of cash. However, in addition to the first withdrawal, the minimum amount is 10 yuan, which means that you need to watch at least hundreds of videos to withdraw, which undoubtedly increases the user stickiness and user duration of the platform.

And here the e-commerce purpose. In the interface of “Duoduo Video”, there is a button to “search for the same product”. Users can click to search for products by analyzing the elements of the video screen. This differentiates Duoduo Video from the mainstream short video apps, which usually embed shopping carts for the corresponding product in the videos. This means the product being searched on Duoduo Video is unlikely associated with the video blogger.

Pinduoduo new short video app is showing a huge potential, but as stated by the e-commerce platform, the new function is in an early stage of development and tests are not concluded yet. 



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