The presence of Chinese companies at CES 2019 will be lower than expected



The decline in Chinese exhibitors is also due to the months-long US-China trade war

All the billions of dollars imposed on Chinese goods have also affected the participation of Chinese companies at the annual CES consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas – the world’s largest consumer technology and consumer electronics fair, with around 175,000 expected visitors and 4,000 exhibitors. The fair, which is underway this week, will have 20% less Chinese traders.

The news surprises mainly because, last year, the fair was defined as the Chinese Electronics Show, given that big names like Huawei Technologies and others, have poured into the city to show their latest goods. Shaun Rein, managing director of China Market Research Group, based in Shanghai, said: “Chinese companies are worried about the tariffs of the commercial war”.


At CES, however, there will still be a considerable presence on the part of China

“Attending a show like CES is expensive, and with [US President] Trump’s rhetoric towards Chinese technology, companies in China are rethinking their strategy of investing in the US.” A total of 1,211 Chinese companies have registered to be part of the fair this year, according to the CES exhibitor directory since January 4, compared to 1,751 US companies. The Chinese number has decreased by about 20% compared to a record of 1,551 last year, according to statistics provided by the CES organization, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

“When you’re facing an economic slowdown, companies need to refocus and ask themselves what their core business is and identify the markets they are more confident in, where they can get market share” said Kitty Fok, CEO of the Industrial Research Company. IDC China. “For a lot of Chinese companies, China is still their primary market, so it’s not surprising that they shy away from the US at this time of economic uncertainty”.


 The 1,200 exhibitors from China this year still represent close to a third of all exhibitors at CES


The presence of China in the United States, however, is very important. In fact, the country is still the largest consumer market in the world, with Americans spending almost three times as much as China. And it is for this reason that, although some Chinese companies are adopting a more cautious approach to the CES this year, there will still be considerable Chinese presence.

During the event, Huawei also had to announce an agreement with the US airline AT & T, but given the current problems, the agreement between Huawei and AT & T fell to the last minute due to national security concerns.




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