Public Places Without Lactation Rooms? Tmall to Build 1000 Smart Lactation Rooms


As economies develop, consumers should have better lives. However, most public places in China don’t offer lactation rooms. To offer an improved consumer experience, Tmall New Retail will build 1000 smart lactation rooms in shopping centers, airports, hotels, and railway stations in China over the next two years.

Each smart lactation room will have a vending machine to make nursing convenient for mothers. For example, if a mother goes shopping in the Shanghai No.1 Department Store with her baby, she can also buy small containers of milk powder, diapers, and baby wipes. This effort seeks to ease mothers’ anxiety as to whether they’re sufficiently prepared to leave the house.

The smart lactation rooms also feature Tmall Genie smart speakers and Cloud Shelf PaaS (Platform as a service). Tmall’s Genie controls lighting, the curtain, the milk modulator, humidifier and music via voice. Once consumers subscribe to Cloud Shelf, their preferences will be saved and automatically applied. In the future, mothers will be able to talk to pediatricians via Cloud Shelf.

The Nov. 2016 report, “Guidance on Accelerating the Construction of the Lactation Room,” released by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, projects that more than 80 percent of public places will have lactation room in China by the end of 2018. By the end of 2020, all public places and workplaces that will be equipped with lactation rooms.

Since lactation rooms are a high-cost infrastructure, most public places are reluctant to install them. Last year the Chinese actress, Ma Yili, complained about one lactation room at a Chinese airport because there was no electrical outlet or sink.

However, Tmall smart lactation rooms change this situation. International maternal and child brands, such as Wyeth,

Meadjohnson, Friso, Danone and Abbott, have all joined the Tmall Lactation Room Construction Plan.


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