Robotics X, Tencent’s laboratory for robotics and artificial intelligence


Tencent aims to enter the world of robotics. With the slogan “Make AI Everywhere” (develops artificial intelligence everywhere), in fact, the company has opened its own robotic laboratory, named Robotics X. The Shenzhen house has also established the three areas that will have priority for development: robotics, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence applied to health.

The new robotic research laboratory, as well as the artificial intelligence laboratory, will be affiliated to the Tencent Technology Engineering Group. The two teams will both work in the same direction: to support and develop Tencent’s artificial intelligence.

Yao Xing, Vice President of the group, said “robotics can cover a large area, from glasses to humanoid robots. This, therefore, should be defined as a link between the virtual world and the real world “.

But artificial intelligence, for Tencent, also means medicine. In fact, in 2017, Shenzen launched the AI Medical Innovation System or AIMIS, a diagnostic medical imaging service based on artificial intelligence.

Tencent also announced the collaboration with Nature Research, a subsidiary of the Springer Nature publishing house. The agreement will include the organization of conferences and the establishment of a medical research group.

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