Safety of the new energy vehicles, Beijing urges to introduce strict safety controls



After some new energy vehicles went up in flames, MIIT is urging manufacturers to closely monitor safety performance


The innovation brought by the new energy vehicles (NEVs) must be “safe”. This is the goal of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) that, after some energy vehicles have shown problems in their safety, has decided to carry out random quality checks with its subsidiaries.

The MIIT also proposes to set up state regulation for the industry’s product design and operational management. For this purpose, the department will soon circulate documents regarding the government’s new guidance and comments on the NEV industry.


The government body has already expressed concern over the NEV industry’s quality control capabilities


The first notice of the government agency is dated 4 September. On this date, the MIIT equipment subsidiary sent an official notice to the NEV producers to inform them of upcoming national security decisions. In this note the key components of the vehicle, to which producers must pay particular attention to ensure correct safety, have been highlighted.

Probably, MIIT’s concerns also derive from cases of electric cars that went up in flames. On June 12, a BAIC NEV’s chassis was found on fire outside an automotive service and sale store and on August 26, an electric bus manufactured by Ankai caught fire in Tongling, Guizhou.



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