Scams online, two million people cheated with fake Huawei products



Plastic products were sold free with the Huawei brand, but the commission was from 29 RMB


Over two million people across China have fallen prey to a scam. The scammers were offered free Huawei products, for which, however, they had to pay excessive commissions for delivery and management.

Once the products – bought on what looked like the official store – were delivered, the scammers found themselves in front of a commission of 29 RMB for logistics, storage and labor, filling the coffers of the scammers.

Furthermore, when the device was opened, it became clear that the plastic product, which cost a few yuan or so, was counterfeit.


The scammers have obtained a total illicit profit of 80 million RMB


According to a police investigation, the scammers already in 2015 had put in place an illegal operation offering free clothes, shoes and watches to unsuspecting victims. Now, with this blow, the scammers have obtained a total illicit profit of 80 million RMB from the operation.

Yet this is not, unfortunately, an isolated case. In fact, Chinese users are facing increasing rates of fraudulent activity, according to a report published in February by Tencent. The company found that, as regards fraud in the telecommunications sector, the total number of cases grew by 89% between the fourth quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018.


Online scams for other web giants like Xiaomi, Tencent and JD and Toutiao


WeChat, for its part, has become, despite itself, the most popular platform for this type of scams. In August, the Zhejiang Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau (ZBIC) in fact censured Tencent after numerous incidents in which WeChat Pay users were defrauded by people pretending to be friends with WeChat.



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