Schools Reopen in China. Tencent launches Student Health-Tracking System


Shenzhen-based tech giant is partnering with local authorities to launch the first health tracking system for students


Health come first. This is the new, and understandable, mantra in China. Schools in China are ready to reopen and once again AI and big data are helping to track citizens health condition. Chinese internet giant Tencent is partnering with local disease control and prevention departments to launch the first health tracking system tailored specifically to students preparing to return to school as education facilities across the country get ready to reopen for the first time in weeks, media said.

Students can obtain a “return-to-school code” through a mini-program embedded in the multi-purpose app WeChat, allowing them to report body temperature and other health readings daily. The mini-program then gives them a color-based QR code on their smartphones that shows how healthy they are, Tencent said in a Friday statement. The Chinese government ordered schools to shut at the end of January when the epidemic spread rapidly across the country. While some schools in less-affected provinces like Qinghai reopened to students in early March, big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have yet to announce their schools’ reopening dates.

In a moment where China is slowly coming back to normal life, monitoring and checking health status is fundamental due to block and prevent furthermore novel coronavirus outbreak. The health information will be shared with education officials and school teachers can then use to track the health status of their students, the statement said. The service, which covers more than 300 Chinese cities and counties, has attracted 8 billion visits since early February, according to Tencent’s president Martin Lau. Alibaba’s Alipay also has a similar health code service.



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