Second data center in Indonesia for Alibaba Cloud



To meet the increased demand, Alibaba increases the capacity of its data centers


Alibaba continues its expansion in the data center industry. As demand has grown in recent years, China’s cloud computing arm Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud, today launched its second data center in Indonesia. In this way, Alibaba Cloud doubled the capacity of its second data center set up in Indonesia and created a stronger and faster data recovery system for its customers.

With the new data center, Alibaba Cloud clients would be able to run mission-critical workloads from different areas and replace their zones in seconds. On the other hand, with regard to capacity, the opening of the second Alibaba Cloud data server in Indonesia now makes 55 areas of availability available in 19 regions worldwide.


The opening of the data center in Indonesia is in line with the future vision of the government of a digital economy


The Indonesian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Rudiantara, said: “Our target is to create new initiatives for new startups, accelerating the growth of at least 1,000 startups, supporting at least eight million ones working in less- advanced agriculture and fishery processing, SMEs sectors to go global ”

“Our goal is to stimulate the creation of new decacorn and unicorn startups, accelerating the growth of at least 1,000 startups, supporting at least eight million people working in agriculture and in the less advanced fishing industry, the SME sectors become global” , said Rudiantara in the launch event held here.


Some 200 professionals and students have been shortlisted to take part in the initial program


Alibaba Cloud Singapore and Indonesian General Manager Leon Chen said that Indonesia offers solid potential for both foreign and domestic companies and praised the rapid growth of Indonesian digital communities supported by improved Internet connectivity.

We expect that we can develop cloud computing in Indonesia and honing up Indonesian talents at the same time,” said Leon, who added that the implementation of the program in Indonesia will support the government’s “Go Digital 2020” vision. Indonesian.




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