Chinese Brand SEMIR unveiled at New York Fashion Week


Chinese fashion brand Semir appears in New York Fashion Week, showing the world the rise of Chinese fashion


The spring and summer of 2019 New York Fashion Week kicked off on September 6th, a week-long fashion event. As one of the four major fashion weeks in the world, New York Fashion Week has always been a pioneer in leading fashion trends and is a sacred place admired by first-line cutting-edge designers. Star, supermodels, fashion buyers, and opinion leaders gathered to witness the birth of the latest trends.

In recent years, Chinese apparel brands have stepped out of the country and appeared in the International Fashion Week. As one of the most representative Chinese apparel brands, SEMIR has landed in New York Fashion Week (2019SS NYFW).

As a new face on the international T-stage, what kind of fashion attitude will SEMIR show? What kind of ambitions and dreams does it carry? What kind of visual impact and trend experience will it bring?


SEMIR has been in the Chinese market for 22 years, accompanied by countless youths. By observing and exploring the fashion attitude of young people, and making fashionable apparel for young people. It has a huge fan base and consumer groups in China.


China Fashion in New York. What kind of fashion attitude do young Chinese people have? On one hand, they receive a large number of Western fashion ideas from online social platform, with an open international vision; on the other hand, they also have strong national sentiments, eager to speak for their own culture. In their subconscious mind, fashion is an eclectic mix of East and West, with a strong definition of self-attitude.

With the advent of consumption upgrade, SEMIR and Chinese Fashion grows together and focuses on improving brand image, from a single casual wear brand to a multi-life lifestyle advocate, and strive to spread Chinese fashion to the world.

The appearance at New York Fashion Week is not only an important step for China brands to go international, but also a trend for Chinese fashion to become international.


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