Cifnews is the leading information network specialized in cross-border e-commerce in China


Our mission: connecting global service providers, digital agencies and marketplaces with the New Made in China.
In recent years China’s manufacturing system has evolved towards higher quality standards, in multiple fields.
Projects such as China 2025 and One Belt One Road are aimed at helping China becoming a leader in innovation, design and quality, with high-level brands exporting to global markets, from hi-tech to fashion.


Cifnews was established in 2013. For over 5 years we have been working closely with Chinese industrial districts, helping connect Chinese companies with global digital markets.
We work with 3000+ manufacturing companies and sellers across China, and with hundreds of players from all over the world – among them Facebook, Google, Bing, eBay, Wish, DHL, WorldFirst, CDiscount, Rakuten.


Since 2017, we run conferences and trade fairs in the the main industrial hubs of China: Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang. Cifnews is headquartered in Xiamen, with offices in Shenzhen and Padova, Italy. Its team across China and Europe counts over 160 people.
Since 2018, though our Business Center, we provide facilities for international companies that want to enter the Chinese market.

The provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian account for over 60% of total Chinese exporting companies

Since 2013 we connect Chinese companies and global markets


The launch of Cifnews

CEO Berry Weng founds Cifnews 雨果网 in Xiamen. The website www.cifnews.com is officially launched on April 15, 2013 as the first platform in China dedicated to cross-border e-commerce news and information.



Xiamen: the first conference

Cifnews organises the first conference on cross-border e-commerce in Xiamen. By the end of the year, the Cifnews network has held forums on cross-border e-commerce in 11 different provinces and cities of China.



The expansions in China

Cifnews hosts its second conference on cross-border e-commerce in Xiamen. By the end of the year, the Cifnews network has held forums on cross-border e-commerce in 17 different provinces and cities of China.


November 2016

Cifnews Mobile APP

November – Cifnews launches its mobile APP, in order to serve with better and more targeted content its constantly increasing readership.


March 2017

The CCEE format is launched

On March 22 the event format Cifnews Cross-border e-commerce exhibition (CCEE) is launched. The first event is held in Xiamen., followed by CCEE Shanghai in June and CCEE Xiamen in August. CCEE counts over 45.000 participants in the first year. 


August 2017

The birth of Yuke, online learning platform

On August 3 Cifnews launches its online learning platform, Yuke, to provide Chinese companies and sellers with high-quality training sessions about Amazon, Wish, eBay and the most important Western marketplaces. 


September 2017

The first international office

On September 15 the first international office of Cifnews opens in Padova, Italy, with a dedicated team of 10 people. 



The first Shenzhen 1.11 Global Conference

On January 11 Cifnews runs its first 1.11 Global Conference in Shenzhen. In that occasion, the English and Italian version of the Cifnews editorial platform are presented. 


June 2018

The numbers of CCEE 2018

On June 16 Cifnews organises the first CCEE event in collaboration with Zhejiang province. CCEE are held also in Shenzhen and Xiamen; total participants over the course of 2018 exceeds ___ people, and 3000+ companies. 


August 2018

The first business center opens in Xiamen

On August 22 Cifnews launches its first business center (CBC) in Xiamen, with shared spaces and facilities for global service providers and platform that want to establish a stronger presence in China. CBC in Shenzhen and Hangzhou will be opened in early 2019.