Cifnews Business Center

Our Cifnews Business Center (CBC) enables our clients to have an operative office in strategic areas of China, and a dedicated team to manage prospects and clients, even without having an operative Chinese business licence.
The first CBC was launched in Xiamen in August 2018, with planned openings in Hangzhou and Shenzhen in 2019. Cifnews provides a series of facilities and a dedicated team to its international clients, to directly work with Chinese manufacturing companies and sellers.

A dedicated Service Team in China

By accessing our Business Center, Cifnews clients can get a dedicated person or team to follow up the leads generated through the Smart Service Platform and the CCEE events, through a commission-based collaboration on successful projects. Our resources are bilingual professionals (Chinese and English) that will be involved in the following activities:

Content Manager

Responsibility over the dedicated content on the Smart Service Platform and editorial

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Events support

The person or the team will be present at CCEE events, helping with the communication with Chinese prospects and clients.

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Business developer

Management of inbound leads, proposals, follow up activities with Chinese clients

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CBC Xiamen features

8 story building, 12.000smq
Offices and desks available for international clients
Facilities include: meeting rooms, event rooms, showrooms, restaurant
Local team: dedicated account/business developer
100 leads included with the Smart Service Platform setup

Perform leads-oriented campaigns through Cifnews extended network

Presence on Cifnews digital media (Smart Service Platform integration)

Get visibility by participating to Cifnews events across China