How do we generate qualified leads in the Chinese market?

Having a website is not enough. Our smart service platform is designed to provide visibility and qualified leads to cross-border e-commerce service providers, digital agencies and marketplaces.
Our strength is our audience, counting thousands of Chinese companies selling millions of products to global markets.

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Smart Service Platform

Our Smart Service Platform enables our clients to set up a landing page inside the Cifnews website, with the aim of collecting qualified leads from Chinese companies. Each page is personalised with information about the company and details about the products/services, and collect all the related content on Cifnews editorial network.

  • Customized page with company information
  • Specific requirements for leads collection
  • Editorial content (PR material, new products, interviews, events in China)
  • Product/service display for direct sales
  • 100 leads included with the Smart Service Platform setup
  • The Smart Service Platform is active for one year
How it works
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How it works?

The Smart Service Platform is accessible from the homepage of the Cifnews website, that generates 9.3 million page views a month.

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This section presents a directory of all the marketplaces and cross-border e-commerce service providers that joined the Smart Service Platform.

Marketplaces are categorized by geographical areas: Worldwide, North America, Europe, Russia, South East Asia, India, Middle East, Africa, Japan, South Korea, Australia, South America


Service providers are categorized by category:

• Marketing platforms
• Payment Systems
• Logistic Service Providers
• Tools/Saas


Each Page presents the main information about the company and its services, and collects all the editorial content produced by the company and all the editorial content that mentions it (events, interviews, trends reports).
The Smart Service Platform pages are structured with the following sections:

• Number of people interested in the topic
• Number of interactions
• Lead-generation form
• Editorial Content aggregator
• Q&A section
• Videos & Livestreaming section
• Events section


The Smart Service Platform can also be structured as a page to manage direct sales in the Chinese market. Companies can display products and services and present targeted offers and promotions to a Chinese selected audience of companies and sellers interested in these products and services.


The structure allows the company to show the specific products and service in an e-commerce alike environment, where the interested leads can either buy the service directly, or ask for information.

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Smart Service Platform

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