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Conferences. Workshops. Trade fair.
Service providers and online platforms share the same space with thousands of Chinese companies and sellers looking for international suppliers.
Key Opinion Leaders in the cross-border e-commerce industry will gather in Hangzhou to present the latest trends on platforms, business, marketing, logistics, finance and software tools. Speeches will be delivered in two forms to achieve different effects: Lectures and Roundtables.
5 Events/year
2000 Exhibitors
200000 + Audience
60 + Industrial District

CCEE highlights

What you will find during the conference

Business Areas

Open networking areas for industrial belts, large sellers and dedicated pavillions.


Representants from all 7 major products such as shoes, bags, outdoor products, and consumer electronics are present.

Flexible Supply

Provide global retailers and sellers with MOQ ≤ 10 quality factory flexible supply.

Cross-border services

Complete access to cross-border e-commerce services: logistics, payments, softwares, trademarks


A platform that gathers members of the global mainstream e-commerce scene and interprets the trends of the industry.

Operation Driven

The latest development of the industry and major players sharing best practices and tools.


More than a thousand national import and export e-commerce professional sellers audienceinternational resources docking


Bringing together foreign small businesses and international resources.

Why Hanghzou?

A strategic area for Cross-Border

Capital city of Zhejiang Province, one of the richest and most developed provinces in China, whose development model prioritized entrepreneurship.
The City is the 10th largest economy in China and it leads the country’s mission to develop its own tech industry.
Hangzhou’s growth is emblematic of China’s continuing transition from manufacturing to a value-added, serviced-based and technologically-advanced economy.
Hangzhou’s growth is emblematic of China’s continuing transition from manufacturing to a value-added, serviced-based and technologically-advanced economy.

What CCEE stands for?

CCEE stands for “Cifnews Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition”. The first CCEE was held in 2017. So far, Cifnews has hosted 8 more events across China, with over 2,000 exhibitors (companies, marketplaces and service providers), over 200,000 attendees and more than 60 Chinese industrial districts involved.
CCEE’s mission is to help high-quality factories and sellers connect with each other,
and to help them discover new international service providers and platforms.

A New Revolution is happening in business models and global trade

In 2018 we have seen profound changes in global international trade. The cross-border e-commerce industry is moving fast: old business models are under attack from fast-growing new player, and this affect the daily life of billions of people.

Online Flash Sales section: the Experience of O2O Flash Sales

Online-to-offline (O2O) commerce is a business strategy designed to bring online customers to brick and mortar locations as well as create a seamless digital experience before, during, and after.

CCEE products platform

Breaking offline time and space limitations for your purchases, providing more supply information to understand the products better.

Cross-border e-commerce service market

Covering all major service sectors of cross-border e-commerce, breaking offline time and space limitations for your purchase.

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We are looking for


Hangzhou International Expo Center

30.000 m²

Exhibition space




Service providers



35.000 +

Forecast attendance

50 +


Available booth types

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Standard Booth


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Hangzhou International Expo Center


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