Cross-border logistic services
Eccang case study

Discover how a logistics software company can generates qualified leads by combining the online and offline services offered by Cifnews in China.

Eccang Smart Service Platform

What they do

Eccang is a software company that started operating in the Chinese market in 2013. The services offered are a variety of cross-border e-commerce ERPs:

  • Overseas WMS softwares (Warehouse Management System)
  • International freight TMS software (Transportation Management System)
  • M2B distribution softwares (Machine to business)

“We started in 2013, and we hope more sellers will focus on the supply chain and the team, in order to grow steadily. We see that sellers are paying more attention to product optimization, and also team building is a steady trend.” – Grady Cheng, VP


What we do for them

The cooperation with Cifnews in 2018 saw the presence of Eccang at Cifnews CCEE events, along with the presence on the Smart Service Platform, with over 30 dedicated content specifically targeting qualified Chinese sellers

“Customer traffic through the Smart Service Platform is very accurate, and the quality of traffic is top-level in the industry. China’s product advantage is very strong, but Chinese sellers are also quite hard to work with, so there are still many opportunities for us working with Chinese sellers in the future.” – Grady Cheng, VP

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