Cross-border online payment services
EZY-MONEY case study

Find out how an online payment service can get new clients among top-level Chinese companies, by participating to Cifnews CCEE events across China.

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What they do

Ezy-money is an online payment service provider that entered the Chinese market in 2011, formerly known as Yiji. Its focus are cross-border B2B payments, as a third party service. Supported platforms include eBay, PayPal, AliExpress, Alibaba international, DHgate, Wish and Lazada

“Ezy-money has become a one-stop-shop cross-border payment platform, providing more than 10.000 cross-border e-commerce sellers with payment and payment-related services.”  – Mr. Liao, CEO


What we do for them

Since 2015 Cifnews has been providing online visibility and promoted new products and services through branded content creation, online ads and offline events. In multiple occasions Ezy-Money has been a sponsor and a speaker of CCEE, also participating to the first edition of the 1.11 Cifnews Global Conference held in Shenzhen in 2018

“Ezy-money and Cifnews started a strategic cooperation in 2015. Since then, we worked with Cifnews every year, witnessing each others’ rapid growth and development. Ezy-money’s functions and features have been successfully transferred to our clients. The support and recognition from them are the things we value the most.” – Mr. Liao, CE

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