Singles Day 2019: Cross-Border E-commerce is the Key Word


In 2019 Alibaba is ready to break a new record following cross-border e-commerce trend. How to win on Alibaba’s 11.11 this year? Devide  your audience is the better choice. Let’s see Alibaba’s Singles Day 2019 in numbers


Experts argued that Alibaba’s Singles Day 2019 will be the cross-border e-commerce edition. According to data international brands occupied the top 10 Double 11 Pre-sale in TMall and the rankings didn’t change that much.

By the way, it is not hard to find that the big brands are particularly popular in the Double 11 pre-sale campaign. Apart from the factors of brand, products, once-a-year promotion, omni-channel marketing activities, we may find some common characteristics of the layout and content of the campaign page.



Speaking in numbers,  almost 200,000 brands with 1,000,000 new products are ready to be sold to 500,000,000 customersCreated in 2009 by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, 11.11 became the most important shopping event in the world. Since the first hours, this 10th edition has seen the Chinese giant breaking every GMV record. 



Last year, after just one minute from the stroke of midnight, the turnover reached $700 million, one hour later it reached one billion dollars. At the end of the 24 hours event, the Hangzhou based company closed with $ 30 billion in revenue and a 27% increase over last year.


AI and AGV for Global Shopping Festival: Cainiao  is ready to break any record too


How can all these goods sold, be shipped and delivered efficiently? Today, the infrastructure to enable a shopping festival of this scale is absolutely hug. To meet the challenge, Cainiao already implemented a series of initiatives and prepared a series of advanced technologies. Currently Cainiao is at the forefront of the logistics world using automation, AGV and AI due to giving better and quick delivery service.



The robots allow for 50% more orders to be processed within a given time period than a traditional warehouse, Cainiao said.  This kind of tech was very experimental just a few years prior and is now being utilised at huge scale. Moreover,  Cainiao has partnered with 15 major Chinese express-courier companies to crunch logistics data so that manpower and transportation are used more efficiently in the 200,000 delivery stations being used for to support 11.11.

The festival is always one of the biggest occasions of the year for brands and marketing in China. As already everybody knows, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day amount of sales are bigger than Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined and we couldn’t be more excited to see it start. 


How to win on Alibaba’s 11.11 this year? Segment your audience is again the better choice. 


As we know, Chinese online shoppers can be categorized into the following groups: backbone consumers (white Collars, wealthy middle class, “supermoms”). White collars spent the most on these platforms and grew 20% from 2016-2018 while supermoms have the strongest spending power; new power consumers (Gen Z, Small-Town Youth) and they are the most active on new-product-focused channel; then the so called “blue ocean consumers” (Urban Gray Hairs, Small-Town Mature Crowd and Urban Blue Collars).

For the first year, Alibaba Group wants to expand the reach of its annual 11.11 Countdown Gala Celebration and bring the live variety show, which runs in the hours leading up to the world’s biggest shopping day of the year, to markets around the world.


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