Spain, Chinese investments on the territory up 800% since 2014!



This is confirmed by a report drawn up by the Spain-China Council Foundation


Chinese investments in Spain have increased by 800% since 2014, reaching a value of $ 15,700 million, well above the 1,800 million recorded between 2009 and 2013. This is confirmed by a report prepared by the Spain-China Council Foundation.

According to the Solunión credit insurer, telecommunications, hospitality, real estate and energy were the sectors most favored by these investments, whose level of growth is explained by “the exceptional recovery of the Spanish economy and the ‘increase in purchasing power of the Chinese consumer “, as stated in a note of analysis.


The value of Spanish exports to China has increased by 70% in five years


In addition to the dynamism experienced by the Spanish economy since 2014, the Solunión report includes other factors that have contributed to this trend. Among these there is certainly an increase in aggregate final consumption in China, which rose from one-tenth to one-third of the United States from 2005 to 2016.


Thanks to this data, the value of Spanish exports to China increased by 70% in five years, reaching a value of € 6,257 million last year.


The report also predicts that this trend will continue in the coming years thanks to factors such as the Belt and Silk Road, the gradual financial liberalization with the European Union, the favorable perception of Europe by Chinese investors due to economic tensions with the United States and finally, the importance of the Spanish tourism sector, which should continue to make investment in hospitality for Chinese companies attractive.



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