Spring Festival, WeChat presents the Spring Festival Shake


The Spring Festival is coming (February 15th) and WeChat is preparing the launch of a special promotion: “Spring Festival Shake”. This expedient will be used by Tencent – the developer of the instant messaging app – to maintain its leadership in the Hongbao battle.

An event of this kind had already occurred in January, when WeChat had given life to the “Weekend Shake”, but now the activities will be extended from two days to a week, so for the entire holiday period for the Spring Festival (14 -20 February).

During the holiday week in China, WeChat users will be able to use the app to pay 2 RMB ($ 0.3) items in offline sites with which WeChat Pay is in partnership. In addition to this, all users can participate in three daily draws; there are free purchases or prizes up to 200 RMB ($ 31.6) that can be used in offline stores using WeChat payment.

Moreover, as a gesture of good luck, during the launch of the “Spring Festival Shake” promotion, several digital blessing eggs were distributed. In fact, in China, eggs are traditionally objects of blessing.

Therefore, the “clash” on the Hongbao is open. Despite the great advertising campaign launched by WeChat for the “Spring Festival Shake”, Alipay, its main competitor, has not yet said what it will do for the anniversary. Last year, this special battle was won by WeChat, with an increase of 75.7% compared to 2016.

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