Tech Innovation

Alibaba and NetEase, skip the agreement for Kaola

  A merger of Tmall Global and Kaola consolidated Alibaba’s dominance in the country’s e-commerce…


Market Insights

The “I Hear You” Web series from Alibaba purchased from Netflix

  The world entertainment giant has recently bought the rights to distribute the web series…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, the Chinese port holds a partnership with Acu

  Guangzhou and Acu ports will cooperate for information exchange and collaborative development   The Chinese…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba, a new partnership for the market in France

  The common idea is to allow French customers to receive their parcels in a…


Market Insights

China and Zimbabwe, a billion-dollar agreement for a steel plant

  The agreement signed provides for 1 billion US dollars to build a steel plant…


Tech Innovation

Huawei, an agreement with iFlytek for the development of speech recognition

  Huawei and iFlytek will work on four sectors: public cloud service, ICT infrastructure, smart…