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China, rural industries accelerate the revitalization of the countryside

  This is confirmed by Yu Xinrong, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs  …


Tech Innovation

Pinduoduo, large city consumers prefer its agricultural products

  Consumers from big cities have turned out to be the largest group of buyers…


Tech Innovation

China opens the High-Tech sector to foreign investors

  These sectors are at the forefront of the Tech world and had many restrictions…


Market Insights

China, the mechanization of the agricultural sector is growing

  China currently has more than 2,500 agricultural machinery companies   China has seen an…


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China Minsheng aims to develop agriculture in remote areas

  The country’s largest private investment conglomerate opened a 10 billion yuan fund to help…


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African agriculture is aided by Chinese hybrid rise

  China’s assistance to Liberia stems from a 2008 agreement   Liberia, one of the…


Tech Innovation

CropWatch, the Chinese agricultural monitoring that is used all over the world

  CropWatch, a platform launched in 1998, is based on remote sensing and soil observation…