Business Stories

Forget 5G, Next Chinese Hot Trend Is Music: Now PRC Based Music App Are Going Global

Not only Apple and Spotify. Tencent dominates online music-streaming industry in China, but challenges loom…


Business Stories

MENA Region’s Top 3 Short Video App are Chinese

China’s short video market is expected to hit around $ 14.08 billion by 2020. And…


Tech Innovation

China issues the first AI professional certificate

  Anyone involved in research and development can apply for certification, regardless of academic background…


Business Stories, China 2025

Tencent is Catching Up to its Counterparts, Ranking Second in Global Patent Applications

When it comes to innovation, Chinese tech companies are rapidly catching up to their US…


Tech Innovation

China, universities prepare courses for AI training

  Universities include prestigious universities such as Zhejiang University, Beijing Jiaotong University and Beihang University…


Business Stories, China 2025

ROOBO is Delivering AI in People’s Life. China’s Startup that Managed to Bring Next-gen Robots into Households

While the PRC is striving to become an AI superpower, a Beijing-based startup managed to…


China 2025

AI is Changing the World Starting Right From the Food Industry

Artificial intelligence is going to change every people’s life and it started right from the…


Market Insights

China, smart speakers learn dialects

  Alibaba has earmarked nearly $ 15 million for research and development of this technology…


China 2025

The Dragon Puts AI at the Service of the Waste Recycling Industry

Recently, AI-powered waste bins have been disseminated all around China. As the world hits the…


Tech Innovation

China, investment in Hangzhou Nationalchip for the artificial intelligence chip

  A good 150 million RMB has been invested, or about $ 22 million  …