Tech Innovation

Alibaba invests in Konka and the Internet of Things

About 47 million internet TV sets will be sold in China this year The expansion…


Tech Innovation

AI, Megvii ready to invest on intelligent logistics

  The company supported by Alibaba is one of the most precious avant-gardes of Chinese…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba works with Colgate to speed up the development process

  The collaboration to launch a new toothpaste using big data to shorten the product…


Business Stories

Economy: Jiangsu GDP Achieved US$ 1.3 Trillion

It marks the first time a Chinese province has achieved a GDP of 9-trillion-yuan, with…


China 2025

Three Turning Points about How China is Promoting Recycling

How does China deal with its own waste? In many ways, China is already an…


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E-commerce in China? Almost US$7 trillion business

China retail trend 2019; to hit US$6.77 trillion, fueled by e-commerce and new retail  …


Market Insights

Second data center in Indonesia for Alibaba Cloud

  To meet the increased demand, Alibaba increases the capacity of its data centers  …



5 Things You have To Know about Cifnews Conference 2019

The Global Cross-border Service Provider Conference comes back to Shenzhen after the successulff 2018 edition….


Market Insights

Auction gone bad for the properties of the Chinese company Jia Yueting

  Jia bought Junshi Science & Technology and all of affiliated property management firm Beijing…


Tech Innovation

On Idle Fish brands will be able to manage their official stores

  Alibaba Group’s used-goods marketplace, Idle Fish, late this week opened registration   The hunters…