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Live-Streaming in China is Reshaping E-Commerce

The live-streaming industry in China is not only booming but it is also fueling Chinese…


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Video of Crying Customer in Mercedes – Benz Showroom Goes Viral

Woman demanded a replacement after her new CLS 300 coupe had an oil leak: “I…


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Conscious Consumers Love Idle Fish: the App that Gives Unwanted Goods a Second Life

Idle Fish is Alibaba’s marketplace for second-hand goods. Since the launch, it already recycled over…


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Taobao, the challenge to Pinduoduo passes through the “value for money” area

The move shows a clear reference to the model already experimented by Pinduoduo Taobao, Alibaba’s…


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5 Chinese E-Commerce Platform You Never Heard of

Giants such as Alibaba or JD dominate a rapidly growing e-commerce ecosystem, but aside from…


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Alibaba vs Tencent: Who is the Better Solution for Retailers?

Alibaba and Tencent have embarked on an offline “acquisition war”, even outside China.  But the…


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Top 5 Busiest Ports In China: PRC Seaports Dominate World’s Commercial Trade

As an economic powerhouse and world’s top exporter, it should  come as no surprise that…


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Blockchain, 197 projects registered by Cyberspace Administration

  The list includes big names like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, just to name a…


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E-Commerce Trend: Let’s Meet Li Jiaqi, better known as “Lipstick Brother”

The male beauty industry is exploding in China. It is expected to raise over $…


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Cambodia, UNDP and Alibaba allies for the development of e-commerce

  The 4PX Express consulting company, based in Shenzhen, aims to develop the national e-commerce…