Market Insights

Huawei continues to be one of the leading smartphone vendors

    From July to September, the world’s second-largest smartphone retailer shipped 41.5 million phones…


Market Insights

Apple defends itself: no violations in iPhone factories in China

    China Labor Watch (CLW) published a report according to which more than half…


Tech Innovation

Apple, good results from China despite the commercial tensions

CEO Tim Cook confirms the success of the commercial operations   This time China is…


Tech Innovation

Feiliao, the Bytedance social app has been removed from the Apple App Store

    The reasons for the removal from the main Chinese distribution platform are still…


Market Insights

China-US, possible revision of cloud services

In trade talks with the United States, China wants to re-discuss the restrictions for foreign…


Tech Innovation

Huawei could make better sales than Apple and Samsung

  According to Huawei Technologies executive director Richard Yu, in 2020 the Chinese company could…


Market Insights

China, VAT cut is bringing its advantages

  Among the most famous brands, Apple and Mercedes have significantly lowered their prices after…


Tech Innovation

WeChat-Apple the stall continues on mini-programs

  The Cupertino house would have required 30% of the revenue for in-app purchases  …


Market Insights

Apple, there is China behind the downward estimates

  Apple has pointed the finger on China’s weakness and the slowdown in iPhone sales…


Tech Innovation

Part of the assembly of the high-end iPhone will move to India

  Foxconn, which already manufactures phones for Xiaomi Corp in India, said it would start…