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China 2025

Artificial Intelligence: the Future of Life 2.0 is Decided in China

China’s technological progress is contributing to shaping the future of Life 2.0. But while artificial…


Tech Innovation

China-Britain AI Summit 2019, the artificial intelligence shared between the two countries

  During the event, experts discussed topics including the China-UK AI investment framework, innovation and…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, a robot for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

  The “Tianche No. E” began its stay in a rehabilitation center in the Nansha…



IRCE 2019: The Main Event for E-Commerce in US

Tomorrow one of the biggest marketing and retail conferences kicks off in Chicago. We are…


Business Stories

MENA Region’s Top 3 Short Video App are Chinese

China’s short video market is expected to hit around $ 14.08 billion by 2020. And…


Cross-border news

Is Europe Next Battleground for Chinese E-Commerce Giants?

China is leading e-commerce sector. Today they’re seeking opportunities in Europe, a great change to…


Tech Innovation

Special glasses help visually impaired people to see

  It is possible thanks to a special camera installed on the glasses   A…


Tech Innovation

China issues the first AI professional certificate

  Anyone involved in research and development can apply for certification, regardless of academic background…


E-commerce Platforms

Hi-Tech: “Share Dad App” Goes Viral in China

China had tried shared everything, an advertisement for “shared dads” has recently gone viral on…


Tech Innovation

The first AI-Native database in the world is created by Huawei

  GaussDB is the first database in the world based on artificial intelligence and will…