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Artificial intelligence, in China there are 4,000 companies

  Great growth for artificial intelligence companies, especially in Beijing, which collects 1,070   According…


Tech Innovation

Chinese SAIC Motor launches its own AI lab

  SAIC Motor Corporation Limited is the largest Chinese state-owned automotive design and manufacturing company…


Cross-border news, Tech Innovation

Beijing metro to introduce bio-identification ticketing

Tickets might soon go extinct at the Beijing metro, with plans to introduce a bio-identification system…


Market Insights, Tech Innovation

JP Morgan ramps up hiring, tech spending in China

As JP Morgan attempts to establish a joint securities venture in China, it is increasing…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba, the AI ​​arrives for Chinese farmers

   Alibaba is on the side of the government that aims to increase the income…


Business Stories, Market Insights

China set to approve Qualcomm-NXP merger, ZTE to reopen

  After significant delay, Chinese regulatory officials have signaled that they are ready to approve…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba uses AI to make coffee ordering ‘smarter’

  Now you can have your extra hot, half-caff, sugar-free double mocha latte without feeling…


Tech Innovation

Alibaba launches AI e-commerce translation tool

The former supervisor of Facebook’s AI translation team has joined Alibaba to launch the first-ever…


Tech Innovation

Facial recognition in Chinese schools: ‘Big Teacher’ or big help?

A high school in the tech-forward city of Hangzhou introduced a facial recognition system in…


Tech Innovation

iQiyi wants to revolutionize the world of entertainment with AI

  Thanks to AI, iQiyi is developing a technology able to make video footage with…