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Business Stories

Economy: “Chinese Cities Set to Fuel Growth Worldwide”

Economy speaks Chinese. In 2035 four of the top ten cities in the world will…


Business Stories

5 Consumption Trends in China Over the Next 10 years

From a manufacturing powerhouse to an active leader in digital innovation, the countdown has already…


E-commerce Platforms

Zhihu Launches Livestreaming

E-commerce: Now Users can find answers in real time to questions   Zhihu is one…


Market Insights

eMarketer: “The Top Global E-Commerce Market will be China”

According to Global E-commerce 2019, with $1.935 trillion in e-commerce sales China will be main…


Market Insights

Intelligent logistics: Geek + drives progress in China

    A fleet of 7,000 logistics robots for a new generation of automated warehouses…


Tech Innovation

Robot, Shenzhen Startup is Working To Bring Them Home

    Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology is a startup founded in 2015 that focuses on developing…


Cross-border news

Stay Tuned: “Cifnews Membership Partnership” Will be Launched Soon!

Are you ready to work with the industry leaders of tomorrow? “Cifnews Membership Partnership” will…



EU-China Trade in Numbers. Liège is Ready to Host First EU Cross Border E-Commerce Forum

Last year Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba inked an agreement with Belgium to open its first…


Tech Innovation

Delivery: artificial intelligence and big data improve delivery efficiency

  China, to make the best use of artificial intelligence in the delivery sector, will…


Tech Innovation

AI, the new goal of the best Chinese startups

  Among the 25 best Chinese startups on LinkedIn, 11 have put AI at the…