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Market Insights

Yitu, the startup of IA aims to the new stock exchange list in Shanghai

    The news of the possible listing comes shortly after that of the rival…


Tech Innovation

China, technology for the disabled

    Technology companies in China are stepping up efforts to make life easier for…


China 2025

How China is Investing in AI to Become the “Country of Innovators”

China’s total spending on R&D is rising while Chinese tech companies have been ramping up…


Cross-border news

Cross-border E-commerce: Kaola’s Acquisition is Off, Report Says

Alibaba and NetEase failed to agree on a price and the deal is off. NetEase believes…


Tech Innovation

Sogou, a new partnership for an e-book reader

  Sogou has already used artificial intelligence technologies, including speech synthesis and image detection  …


Tech Innovation

AI, Sensetime will open a research and development center in the Middle East

  The Gulf states are in fact looking for new ways to stimulate their economies…


China 2025

Artificial Intelligence: the Future of Life 2.0 is Decided in China

China’s technological progress is contributing to shaping the future of Life 2.0. But while artificial…


Tech Innovation

China-Britain AI Summit 2019, the artificial intelligence shared between the two countries

  During the event, experts discussed topics including the China-UK AI investment framework, innovation and…


Tech Innovation

Guangzhou, a robot for the rehabilitation of drug addicts

  The “Tianche No. E” began its stay in a rehabilitation center in the Nansha…



IRCE 2019: The Main Event for E-Commerce in US

Tomorrow one of the biggest marketing and retail conferences kicks off in Chicago. We are…